Tools fireplaces, stoves and ovens

portalegna SAHARA

Made in Italy

Practical and robust rubber wood holder, hand-made by recycling old truck abandoned tires. If necessary they can also be used as a magazine rack or toilet seat for flowers. Ideal as a gift idea.

88,00 € VAT included


BEL bioethanol lamp


Spread warmth on the patio or welcome your guests with a fire that lives at the entrance. The bio-ethanol lamp specifically developed by Morsø BEL enjoy the sight of a soft flame with a dancing movement.

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164,00 € VAT included


Parastufa and paracamino

Some models of parakeet or paracamino are useful for protecting against burns due to accidental contact (especially children) from stoves and burning fireplaces.

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51,85 € VAT included

82,00 € VAT included