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pellet stove Jotul


Jotul, a leader in the Norwegian wood heating with a history of over 150 years, introduces the new range of pellet stoves.
Modern design developed on a modular concept that allows you to choose the technology best suited to your needs.
Latest model available: PF 800 with natural convection

2.800,00 €   4.000,00 € VAT included

Piazzetta pellet stoves


Pellet stoves Piazzetta will offer the warmth to heat your whole house, comfortably.
Long battery life and ease of use with an environmentally friendly fuel, easily stored and maneggievole. Buying a stove Piazzetta enter a world of safety and guarantees.
Practices stoves ducted with Multifuoco System (hot air from below) to those with natural convection sealed, ideal for passive houses.
Originality stove-fireplace, as the series Stubotti, stoves integrate with the heating system in your home. Concentration of beauty, high technology and comfort in total safety!



pellet stove Piazzetta Superior Group

Superior (Gruppo Piazzetta)

Superior pellet stoves are characterized by high thermal efficiency and allow to heat the home environment with all the advantages of an ecological and economical fuel. Easy to use and programmable, they are clean safe and have a long range. The pellet is downloaded automatically from the tank to the brazier, fueling the flame. And 'possible to program the switch on and off and the desired temperature. All in complete safety. [B] Contact us for a quote [/ b]