Oven Garden Outodoor


Ah, yes - in Morsø love fire ... They love the way the fire has the ability to attract towards it, focusing on the fascination of the dancing flames. Based on the strong traditions have created an innovative exciting outside world, your family and friends, can enjoy throughout the summer.


Wood ovens ready for internal

Alfa Pizza

New wood stoves designed and conceived by sapiendi Italian hands, for cooking bread, pizza and more.
Hob refractory dome steel isolated: Very hot in minutes and cook like a real wood oven to direct cooking but with immediacy and ease.
Colleandoli dedicated to a chimney, you enter into the house with elegance and practicality, perfectly finished on the outside and with their lightness is the place easy to find him in the kitchen.

Furnaces steel wood for exterior

Made in Italy

In the balcony, in the garden or wherever they the ovens steel ovens are ready to cook! Comfortable to move thanks to the wheels, turning it on will be a breeze: a few minutes and the party begins! 100% made in Italy For some models please contact us for a quote.

830,00 € VAT included


Ovens ready refractory

Alfa Pizza

Ready ovens are ovens traditional external and internal that can be placed comfortably in the garden or on the terrace.

Their hearts and their refractory shell of steel makes these ovens can be set easily in all homes.
Ideal for those who do not want to give up the pleasure of cooking traditional wood on baking stone and wish to receive a finished product, ready for use.
100% made in Italy
Contact us and request a quote.

512,40 € VAT included