stufa a pellets JØtul in STOCK

stufa a pellets JØtul in STOCK

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JØtul, a leading Norwegian company in wood heating with a history of more than 150 years, introduces the new range of pellet stoves. Modern design developed on a modular concept that allows you to choose the technology that best suits your needs. Last available model: PF 800 at natural convention

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Elegant and modern design.
PF 800 model with glossy black glass sides .
Cast iron combustion chamber , door and brazier of the highest quality.
Heating at natural convention .
Direct air intake : The Jotul PF 800 is completely sealed (also for passive houses).
Double clean combustion : for maximum environmental performance.
Gravity Volumetric Feeding System: No pellet clogging in the feed screw for more smooth and silent combustion.
Large capacity ash tray for greater autonomy.
Self-cleaning glass : for reduced maintenance and perfect flame vision.
Automatic bracketing cycle : to ensure optimal operation.
Manual or automatic operation with thermostat.
Programmable with 6 daily or weekly modes.
Shiny LCD screen.
Optional remote control and GSM control.

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Jøtul PF 800 in stock

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Natural convection without forced hot air Glossy black hinges Min-max power: 2.7 - 8.2 kW Performance: 94.8% at 2.7 kW Tank capacity: 20 kg Hourly consumption: 0.6 - 1 , 9 kg / h H x W x H: 1120 x 544 x 534 mm Ø connection pipe: 80 mm Ø Air intake: 80 mm

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