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Specific products for cleaning and maintenance of the parquet plank Giordano Margaritelli

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Cleaning and maintenance of floors is very simple for all our products.
First, a long-lasting flooring requires an environment with a relative humidity between 45% and 65% and a temperature between 15 and 30 ° C.
This range of values ​​corresponds to other conditions of comfort and health for humans.
Protect the feet of furniture, chairs, etc. with appropriate pads.
Any seats must be equipped with wheels with rubber lasts.
Place paved entrance to the premises of the appropriate mats to clean footwear.
Certain soles of rubber shoes can cause dirty marks on the surface of the pavement sometimes difficult to remove.
To mitigate the formation of zones of different color due to the natural oxidation of the wood you should move periodically carpets especially in the first period of life of the parquet.
The objects that discharge their weight in small areas of the floor, can cause a dent localized wood.
For cleaning and maintenance of floors really effective is first of all advisable to remove the dust on the surface of the floor, using a broom or, better yet, going with a vacuum cleaner with a brush suitable for cleaning parquet.
This should be done as often as possible; is taken into account that the presence of solid dirt on the floor surface (dust, sand, etc.), accelerates the effect of abrasion of the finish and therefore degrades faster appearance of the floor.
Even greasy dirt, which inevitably forms on the pavement, it needs a periodical cleaning.
Therefore, we encourage the use of cleaner Green Plank Jordan.
This mild detergent for cleaning wood floors with oil finish and surface processing with special wood and oil UV high resistenzaè for frequent use.
Although not able to perform the same specific action of detergents Listone Giordano, can also be used other suitable detergents for the cleaning of floors, paying attention not to use products that contain high concentrations of ammonia and / or bleach, as able to change the appearance of the layer of gloss paint.
Never use water only for washing floors: in addition to not efficiently cleaning, waste minerals in it could be deposited on the surface, altering its reflectance.
For more information please ask for the information.
For more 'specific contact us, we will get you the information requested.

Product variants


Code vitaplus

protective and regenerative fluid to the surface of varnished wooden floors and NOT brushed. Specifically for wood floors with Xplus finish. periodic maintenance.

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Code revivo

Solution for the nurturing and protection of parquet with Oleonature finish Composed of tung oil, propolis, beeswax and natural resins enhances your hardwood floor while ensuring an excellent anti-stain properties and ease of maintenance. A product Made in Italy to protect the environment Yield 30sqm / conf.

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Code sigilplus

Protective water repellent to make the hips and heads of Listone Giordano. Particularly recommended for environments exposed to the risk of fluid effusion (eg. Kitchen and bathroom). Mandatory in each ambinete for species Maple, Cherry and Beech, exclusively in Xplus version. professional use. Yield about 25 square meters / conf.

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energetic cleansing agent for removing stubborn dirt for wooden floors with Naturplus2 paint finish. Yield about 40 square meters. / Conf.

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Code revivopro

Natural oliocera solution, water-based, for extraordinary maintenance of wooden floors with Oleonature finish.

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