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fireplace insert pellet Piazzetta IP


The new insert pellet IP Piazzetta can transform the traditional fireplace, taking advantage of the exceptional comfort of a fuel pellet as practical without sacrificing the pleasure of the flame. High efficiency, long range, programmable automatic start and stop, easy installation, simple loading of the pellet and the ventilation system Multifuoco System are the hallmarks of the inserts pellet IP Piazzetta.


fireplaces wood insert Piazzetta IL

New wood-burning fireplaces IL Piazzetta, specially developed to be installed in existing traditional fireplaces, improving performance, the performance and security by making more enjoyable and convenient use. Thanks to the minimalist aesthetic form are also ideal for simple installations to perete.

Monoblock fireplaces Piazzetta

[B] The effective solution for home heating. [/ B] In 1976 Piazzetta has created the first piece steel fireplace with cast iron fireplace and retractable door and door glass ceramic. Subsequent technological innovations, exclusive patents Piazzetta, as MULTIFUOCO SYSTEM® and Aluker®, could achieve performance levello higher in thermal efficiency, reliability and safety, reduced consumption. [B] 5 year warranty [/ b]