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fireplace inserts recessed Stovax

Stovax - Gazco

The fireplace inserts line Riva Studio is stated in the fire market with great elegance and the linearity and simplicity of contemporary design. Obviously, this impressive design hides all the technical sophistication of Stovax, Anglo leading manufacturer that now exports stoves and fireplaces in over 50 countries.

fireplaces wood insert Scan DSA

The Scan DSA are modern fireplaces minimalist design, sober and simple that encloses the entire synthesis of 'furnish warming. Perfect for open fires existing or new constructions in masonry. Heating capacity unexpected in minimum dimensions.

wood burning fireplace Piazzetta model DOVER

Attention to detail and technological research led to the creation of [b] Dover [/ b], fireplace with strong lines and minimal suited to a style of modern furniture. Its shape makes it ideal for corner installations and the particular structure of the glass allows the view of the flames from two sides.

wood burning fireplace Piazzetta model OXFORD

Rational and creative. Ideal for locations in the center room. Oxfort has a particular form arrondata making it the centerpiece of the environment, thanks to the large curved glass that allows a view of the fire at 180 °. The flexibility of installation guarantees maximum customization and organization of space.