Step flammable roofs UNIX


steel element for the passage to the roof, designed and certified for installation on wooden ceilings or with heat-sensitive materials. Perfect adaptability to the different thicknesses of the roof. Available in different sizes and finishes.

310,00 € VAT included
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UNIX is a transition element for Universal roof, cleverly built from Apros company and studied for installation of stoves and fireplaces of sensitive floors to heat protection.
Thanks to UNIX have the certified safety installation with quick and easy installation.
completely in stainless steel 316 and 304 with silicone paint resistant to high temperatures (450 °).
UNIX offers many advantages as described below:
- Telescopic element 490 mm which allows easy installation and uninstall of the tubes;
- Tilting rosette for installation on flat roofs and inclined from 0 ° to 30 °;
- Insulated system with high density rock wool to 50 mm;
- Additional insulation to the external air that maintains a very low wall temperature;
- G20 certificate system;
- Easy to install that allows a drastic reduction in assembly time.

Technical designation: T400-N1-D-V2_L50050-G20
Chimney double wall converses not included.
Contact us for a full quote possible.

Product variants


Code B080UNIX

diameter 80mm BLACK

Comignolo double wall not included.

310,00 € VAT included

Qty :


UNIX 100

Code B100UNIX

BLACK 100mm diameter
Double wall chimney cap not included.

328,00 € VAT included

Qty :


UNIX 120

Code B120UNIX

BLACK 120mm diameter (top output diam. 130mm)
Double wall chimney cap not included.

343,50 € VAT included

Qty :


UNIX 150

Code B150UNIX

BLACK 150mm diameter
Double wall chimney cap not included.

376,50 € VAT included

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