Barbecue prefabricated easy to install. Special mixture made from colored marble chips. Easily usable wood.

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The wood-burning grill Formentera is a prefab easy to install, just a few steps and is immediately ready for use.
Designed and built in Italy by craftsmen.
Consisting of a 'special mixture made from crushed marble beige colored adapts perfectly in any context.
The particular mixture is free of inert calcerogeni and is recommended for lovers of traditional coals made from wood logs.
In addition, it comes:
- Chrome grille
- Glue Line Fix
- Parabrace frontal protection

The barbecue is delivered unassembled with assembly instructions enclosed.

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Code 42117

Weight: 360 Kg Cooking: 57x40 cm Table top sides: 23x65 cm Overall dimensions: L114-P70-H190 Dimensions ground-based: L80-P50

427,00 € VAT included

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