Smoker coal-VERTICAL

Smoker coal-VERTICAL

Broil King

Broil King presents the new vertical smoker Charcoal. Also available in the gas model, vertical affumicatori Broil King are designed to create the authentic smoky flavor. Completely insulated and with the upper terminal in aluminum casting for maximum temperature stability. We can use this smoker to prepare foods with two different cooking sitemi: Low temperature: laa faaaarina use of wood, the food is raw, temperature 10 ° / 30 ° Average temperature: burning charcoal and kindling of the preferred type, temperature of 60 ° / 90 °

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• Technical compartment for housing Charcoal

• double-walled steel structure

• high temperature epoxy coating

• Double front door complete with gasket and bolt for the safety locking system

• High-strength Handles

• thermometer for checking the temperature on the leaf upper front place

• Aluminum rings for adjusting the draft

• foldable tray for collecting fat

• 4 stainless steel grids 38 x 32 cm height-adjustable

• 1 stainless steel support ribs and roasts

• 16 stainless steel hooks

• 1 large tray sticks smoking

• 1 large pan for water

• Opener

• 4 hooks for tools

• 4 of 2 wheels Full foot to facilitate travel

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Smoker coal vertical

Code 105.923610

Dimensions: L 72cm - 65cm P - H 123cm total support and cooking area: 4968cmq

760,00 € VAT included

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