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Regarding privacy of your personal data, the Decree of 30 June 2003, n. 196, better known as the Code for the protection of personal data, Article 13 imposes an obligation to inform the person concerned on the different elements of the fundamental treatment, specifying them in points A) to F) of the first paragraph. With regard to this Company will is fulfilled by informing you that:

A1) data on your person and / or company are used for the following purposes: requirements prior to the conclusion of the contract; fulfillment of fiscal and accounting; customer management; supplier management; management or out of court of any litigation; fulfillment of market research and / or sending of information or advertising relating to the activities carried out; Reference needs.

A2), the treatment can be done by hand or computer, in order to assure you the security and confidentiality of the data, as well as full compliance with the law;

A3) this information is provided for both the data collected directly from the person concerned (Article 13, first paragraph) and for those collected by third parties (Article 13, fourth paragraph) and for those we have received from public registers, lists, records or documents to anyone (Article 24, paragraph 1, letter c), both to those collected online;

B) assignment by you of all the data required to enable us to effectively carry out its legal obligations and contractual, to perfect the shipping and delivery of products purchased, and in order to make sending of advertising material and / or promotional activities ;

C) Your refusal to respond will make it impossible to effectively carry out its contractual obligations, to deliver products purchased, to make the sending of advertising material and / or promotional activities, as well as to use the data for purposes of reference ;

D) the above data will not be disclosed but may also be communicated only to the following categories: post offices and shipping companies; banks and credit institutions; possibly a debt collection agency and / or law firms; business associations and entrepreneurs and professional firms that provide certain services for accounting and / or tax, etc; businesses and / or independent contractors of which we could make use for the fulfillment of specific contractual services.
Some data (company name, brand, description of the service carried out by us), may be disclosed to our customers and / or potential clients as a reference; only such data, also for the same purposes may be subject to disclosure, and that by their inclusion on our website;

E) within the undersigned company also may become aware of data only from the employees involved in their treatment and services and offices belonging to our organizational structure, or structures that also perform tasks on our behalf Technical Support (secretarial services, administrative, etc.).

F) in accordance with art. 7 of the Code, in addition to the information in this statement, making a written request to the data processor has the right: to have confirmation, in an intelligible and free, whether or not your details with us; to obtain the updating, correction or integration of data or block / cancellation for violation of law or ceased need for conservation; to oppose the processing for legitimate reasons or treatment purposes of sending advertising material, direct sales, market research, commercial communications;

G) data controller is CENTRO EDILE BADINI snc., Guidizzolo (Mn), Strada Statale Goitese, 38 / A.

In faith